How to Prolong Your Shoe’s Life?

After you have finally decided to get a quality and fresh pair of shoes and ultimately got them on your own hands, you should be aware of how to take care of it to maximize using it. To help you with that, we have prepared some helpful tips to prolong your shoes’ life for them to last for several years to come. 

Properly store your  

At the end of the day, your shoes will get a bit damp as you take them off since your feet perspire. To avoid the creasing of your shoes to happen as they dry, consider using a cedar shoe tree that can help in soaking in moisture and maintaining your shoes’ shape. As you travel, make sure to utilize shoe inserts as well to keep up its shape.  

Condition your shoes 

All of your shoes must be conditioned once a month, especially if you have leather shoes. The conditioner will help maintain the suppleness of the leather and keep it from cracking. Keep in mind that leather is made out of the skin. Similar to your personal skin, it will look and feel better especially when it’s well-moisturized.  

Rotate your shoes 

Avoid wearing the same shoes every day. If you can get a lovely pair of shoes, it could be extremely enticing to just wear them daily. However, it is highly recommended to rotate them with another shoe pair to allow them to become totally dry.  

Pre-treat your shoes 

According to the best cordonnier Montreal, among the greatest ways to protect your fabric, suede, and leather shoes is by treating them with stain protector and water. But remember to never pre-treat your shoes if it has patent leather. You just have to guarantee to select a protector that utilizes a protector that utilizes nanotechnology since it allows the leather to breathe. A quality protector must never alter the color that your shoes have. However, for you to make sure, rest the protector on a small area of your shoes first.  

Replace the heel tips/caps 

The heel tip/cap is among the parts of your shoe that wear down easily. Usually, they intend to protect your shoes’ heels and make a nonslip grip. Over time, the heel tip will totally be eroded, which exposes the heel tip’s metal nail head.  

Add toe taps 

If your shoes have a pointy toe, you need to take them to a trusted shoe or cobbler repair store and request them to add toe taps to your shoes. Make sure to do this before wearing them to make its purpose more effectively.  

Protect the soles 

Take your shoes to cordonnerie Chris Taloni or any reputable shoe repair store near you before wearing your shoes for the first time. Then, request them to put a thin protective rubber half soles, which can be a great factor in prolonging the life of your shoes as it offers traction on slippery surfaces. Having this will surely come a long way and can maximize your shoe experience from now on.