Why is it Important to Have a Fence?

Walls, boundaries, and fences are oftentimes demonized by writers in their quotations and verse.  

“Build a longer table not a higher fence,” this quote never fails to give me that strong slap whenever I realize that I am subconsciously caving into my territory again, and passively restricting access of friends’ and family’s affection. I am an ambivert, and I too, suffer from the occasional need of solitude and rest from the world’s noises and dynamics.  

Enough with the drama.  

What I am referring to here is a metaphorical fence – a very abstract concept of fence. But somehow, how we treat and characterize fences and boundaries, in a metaphorical sense, still apply to the physical fence we put on our territory. We think of it as something that divides us from our neighbors and something that keeps us away from outsider’s contact. While most writers tend to undermine the functions that fences do, here I am writing to tell you some of the advantages of fence installation Columbia. And by fence, I mean the physical, tangible fence on our yards.  


Safety and Security 

While it is not appealing to put boundaries, it is also impractical to be passive about our safety and security in our neighborhood.  

This becomes more resonant when you have children and pets that need to be kept safe in your territory. You will realize that a good fence prevents them from wrangling up in your yard, injuring themselves, or getting lost.  

While fence keeps the kids and pets in, it also keeps outsiders out such as trespassers and uninvited animals that can harm anyone inside your territory including your kids.  

Boundaries and Privacy 

Division is not evil; it defines someone’s freedom and limitations in a very clear way. In relation to this, a fence provides a clear boundary to prevent accidental trespassing or territorial feud between neighbors, which can result in marred relationships. Likewise, it provides privacy to both of you and your neighboring houses. There are things and activities that are best kept private, and a fence provides you the means for this.  

As most of us agree, privacy is important to function as a family. There are things that family members need not share with the neighboring houses as they might lead to unnecessary gossips and feud especially when these are taken wrongly.  


The fence outside your house does not only serve noble functions like what we mentioned above; it also serves as a beauty element that provides more attraction to your property. Regardless of materials and styles, the fence increases the aesthetics of your house and lot.  


Build a longer table and not a higher fence,” is sometimes overdramatized by some writers and taken overly by readers. As an ambivert becoming more and more introverted like me, there is a beauty and safety in privacy, and while people think of a metaphorical fence as something that divides and separates, I see it as a tool for safety and rest.  

When it comes to the fence in your yard, the same thing applies. It does not just offer security, privacy, safety, but also beauty on your overall property.  

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